Under Pressure - Freddie Mercury and David Bowie

That’s it, folks! We launch our new language in 3 days!

Aaaaah the lovely pressure one feels when they’re close to their goal…

Well, that’s the type of pressure we’re experiencing right now: aside from offering our services, our most treasured project is Glow, our programming language.

And guess what? Our launch date is now official. The first blockchain to be accessible with Glow is Cardano, and our partnership has been announced by no-less than Charles Hoskinson himself (also co-founder of Ethereum), in an article AMB Crypto!

And on top on that, yesterday, IOHK’s youtube channel aired our live demo of Glow, by our founder, François-René Rideau:


We now have a week left to prepare everything for you to start programming in Glow, our language for safer and smoother DApps.

More info about Glow?

Stay tuned !

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