Glow free online course now live!

Dear community of Glow enthusiasts,

πŸŽ“ Our MOOC is now live. Repeat, our MOOC is now live.

You can now access our online course to learn the Glow language: we want to make you as proficient as we are in order

⬇️ You can now access our playlist, with all the lectures on this page:

Module 0 – a few words from FarΓ© Rideau (our CEO) and Alexander Plotnick (our CTO) about the MOOC
Module 1how to install Glow and check that everything works

Next session on October 12:
– Your first steps with Glow by @afp will be live at 6 PM CET (12 PM EDT / 10 AM MDT / and so on…)
– A live Q&A with @FarΓ© and @afp at 10 PM CET (4 PM EDT / 2PM MDT / and so on…)

The Q&A will happen on a dedicated discord channel and will be re-published on Youtube right after.

For questions related to a specific module, there is one dedicated channel per module on our discord.

In a near future, we will also implement a website with assignments and a few other bonuses.

We wish you a very good course, and are excited to have you all on board!

The MuKn team

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