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Elegance… That’s the word to describe well optimized code. The more complex your project is, the more efficiency you will require: our team members have earned their stripes in the fine art of reducing the required resource for many tasks.

Optimizing your code can determine the fate of your project, and it is never to late to save precious computation power.

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Our expertise combined with top-notch mathematical tools allow us to verify the safety of your code. We will use mathematical proofs to ensure that your users can trust the program you are developing. Your product will stay the same, just safer: fewer bugs, and fewer risks of losing money.

We will make sure your defenses are as strong as possible, while keeping your software supply-chain safe. 

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Your company may want to keep the development of its most business-sensitive software in-house.

Yet, you feel that your team needs a suitable training and organisational method to develop software for the blockchain? Of course, you are using CI/CD and agile-inspire methods, but is your development feedback loop that short?

We at MuKn can help your team to implement longer-term development loops for your infrastructure and architecture. Your developers will also become more aware of the caveats specific to programming in such an adversarial environment: it is a tough job, and we will protect your team from mistakes that always cost time, money, and lots of energy.

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