Services & products

Like many startups, MuKn develops its own products and sublimates the work of others


Only with trust and respect can human beings interact with each other in a sane way.

We believe in a free and uncensorable Internet that brings its user a smooth experience, the warm feeling of a small and safe community, and the exquisite sensation that it’s an infinite world.


We want to build a new decentralized Internet. And for that, we will actively develop the required tools, and help others do so.


Applications handling decentralized digital assets are the very hardest programs to write:

  • They have zero tolerance for bugs ! (corner-case coverage is adversarial rather than accidental)
  • Not only do usual development tools and methodologies not apply, even the usual logic analysis frameworks fall short

Our experience in programming languages, formal methods, distributed systems, and transactional software gives us a unique advantage to write, audit or re-write your applications so they will remain whole under attack.

We can ensure that parties all get what they expected when they signed their smart contract, whatever your transactions involve:

  • cross-chain swaps
  • price derivatives
  • order-book matching
  • integration over
  • historical prices
  • elaborate auctions
  • complex interaction rules
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Skills and Tools

Mutual Knowledge Systems Inc. helps building trusted environments.

We are developing tools that will make Dapps more efficient, easier, and cheaper. And of course, we use our own tools and many others to satisfy every needs of our customers.

Products and services

Over time, our team has developed several trades that we provide to our customers

Formal verification

Mathematical tools can ensure the safety of your code, and protect you from fatal issues in your business.

Private Blockchain

Consultation of critical data can be made traceable and tamper-proof, even with many actors involved.

Code optimization

Any section of code can be made more elegant and save costly resources: power, time, and money.

Custom Dapps

The future is decentralized: we will give life to your personalized Dapp, according to your specifications.

Our programming language

You build Decentralized apps ? You are looking for a tool invented for this purpose ? Say no more !

Human Factor

Attacks from the outside, or internal issues can jeopardize entire projects, yet are the most underestimated issue in the world of data-safety.

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