Introducing GLOW

Glow is a versatile programming language that can be used to develop Dapps, proprietary blockchains, and many other products. 

Currently in development, Glow aims to become the next standard for the Dapp industry.


DApps, Blockchain Decentralized Apps, are a multi-billion dollar market, fast growing and set to take over finance, but… writing safe DApps today is too difficult.

That is why we at MuKn created Glow, a language that makes it tremendously easier to write, and verify, DApps—a “JavaScript for Blockchain”. We have a working prototype, and seek funding to turn it into a market-disrupting product.

A single mistake in a DApp can cause its users to lose all their assets. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of digital assets were already lost this way. To avoid this catastrophic risk when writing a DApp today, you should hire top experts in seven (7) different fields of Computer Science and Economics, in addition to your DApp’s own field: cybersecurity, cryptography, distributed systems, systems programming, economic modelling, economic mechanism design, and one specific blockchain. Then all these experts must somehow work together, just to support that one blockchain. All in all, writing a DApp with today’s tools feels a lot like digging for gold with toothpicks; and even the most advanced development platforms only offer you pickaxes. We at MuKn are building excavators instead.

Our team uniquely combines expertise in all above-mentioned fields, and also in Programming Languages and Formal Methods. We encoded our expertise in a language, Glow, that abstracts over the complexity of Blockchain. With our language, you only need a single expert, in the subject matter of your DApp, whether it is derivatives trading, insurance, supply chain, etc. Our compiler and runtime take care of Blockchain.

Glow makes DApps vastly simpler, hence cheaper, faster and easier to write—but also to audit. To further simplify audit, and unlike our competition, Glow has built-in support for formal methods to automate the verification of security properties.

Note how independent audit is essential for DApps because users put their assets at risk with no recourse, which is not the case with centralized applications. Also unlike our competition, our language will run on every blockchain, not just a single one you must bet on. DApp writers and users won’t care anymore which blockchain they use; Glow will therefore commoditize the underlying Blockchains and disrupt the market.

Everyone will use Glow. All financial institutions will use our services. We will provide the marketplace for blockchain services. We will be the “Microsoft of Blockchain”.

Come join Mutual Knowledge Systems, Inc. in growing and using not just a DApp language, but an ecosystem that will give each individual, each business, each association or institution, control over their own financial sovereignty. We are actively raising funds, seeking partners, hiring developers and courting users, to build what is poised to become a very large industry.

See our current Whitepaper, or check out the prototype previously completed by our founders.

And of course, if you want to know more about the philosophy of our product, you can look at Faré’s presentation below, or even download it !

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