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The Blockchain Revolution has just begun, and the potential applications of these new technologies are mind-boggling.

However, most projects lack the required expertise to fully benefit from these technologies. That’s where we come in.

Products and services

Over time, our team has developed several trades that we provide to our customers

Formal verification

Mathematical tools can ensure the safety of your code, and protect you from fatal issues in your business.

Private Blockchain

Consultation of critical data can be made traceable and tamper-proof, even with many actors involved.

Code optimization

Any section of code can be made more elegant and save costly resources: power, time, and money.

Custom Dapps

The future is decentralized: we will give life to your personalized Dapp, according to your specifications.

Our programming language

You build Decentralized apps ? You are looking for a tool invented for this purpose ? Say no more !

Human Factor

External attacks, or internal issues can ruin projects, and yet are the most underestimated issue in data-safety.

Who we are


Pronounced “Moon” (or “Myun”), MuKn stands for MUtual KNowledge, and it sums up our core values: open-source technologies, synergies, and interdisciplinary knowledge.

That’s why our experts can be keen on game theory, computer science, and economics at the same time !

After exploring these fields, we created our own company, to offer this fine-tuned mix to the world.

Blockchains supported, and much more soon !
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