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Market insights

Market insights: 2022/08/22

It's summer, and scammers seem to be fueled by solar panels! These days, it's been hard not to experience constant warnings of new hacks in the blockchain industry. So far…
August 22, 2022
Market insights

Market insights: 2022/08/01

Like every year, the summer period is always quieter than the rest of the year. Still, there are plenty of happenings, some good and some bad for the blockchain sector.…
August 1, 2022
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Market insights

Market insights: 2022/07/14

What happened recently in the industry: Jon Cunliffe, Bank of England deputy governor for financial stability, says that Cryptocurrencies need regulation to mitigate risks. One question that arises is how these regulations…
July 13, 2022
Market insights

Market Insights: 2022/06/30

Hello everyone, welcome to this first edition of our market insights. MuKn-related news: We launched a proposal to port our Glow language on the PAB (Plutus Application Backend). This proposal…
June 30, 2022