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Dear community of Glow enthusiasts,

🎓 Our MOOC is now live. Repeat, our MOOC is now live.

You can now access our online course to learn the Glow language: we want to make you as proficient as we are in order

⬇️ You can now access our playlist, with all the lectures on this page:

Module 0 – a few words from FarĂ© Rideau (our CEO) and Alexander Plotnick (our CTO) about the MOOC
Module 1how to install Glow and check that everything works

Next session on October 12:
– Your first steps with Glow by @afp will be live at 6 PM CET (12 PM EDT / 10 AM MDT / and so on…)
– A live Q&A with @FarĂ© and @afp at 10 PM CET (4 PM EDT / 2PM MDT / and so on…)

The Q&A will happen on a dedicated discord channel and will be re-published on Youtube right after.

For questions related to a specific module, there is one dedicated channel per module on our discord.

In a near future, we will also implement a website with assignments and a few other bonuses.

We wish you a very good course, and are excited to have you all on board!

The MuKn team

Gauthier Lamothe

Gauthier Lamothe Co-founder of MuKn

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