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One day, three game-theory enthusiasts with very different backgrounds decided to found a company around one main topic: TRUST.

A seasoned developer, a lawyer and litigator, and a communications expert joined their effort to build the Internet of tomorrow by developing avant-garde tools, both philosophically and technically.

Mutual Knowledge Systems also has its advisors, junior developers and other team-members, meet the MuKn band !
Founder, Senior lead developer

Co-Founder, has been making programming languages and distributed systems usable for 25 years. Alumnus of the École Normale Supérieure, Former Senior Engineer at ITA Software, he also worked at Google and Bridgewater Associates. 

While working in the industry, he notably maintained and rewrote ASDF, the build system at the heart of the Common Lisp open source community; he also kept publishing academic papers and speaking at programming language conferences; early in his career, he even proved in Coq the correctness of a (centralized) payment protocol. 

Eventually, his interests in economics and software security converged with his experience in open source software and formal methods and he started working on Layer 2 solutions for the Blockchain. Since January 2018, he has made plenty of mistakes as co-founder of startups, and learned the hard way to become his own CEO.

Founder, Lawyer

Co-Founder, has always thought fast, but learned to think deep and sharp at UChicago. After studying law at Pepperdine, he spent nearly fifteen years guiding executives and decision makers through litigation, in matters ranging from shoplifting and speeding tickets to multi-forum international investment bank disputes. 

His practice honed his ability to quickly assimilate and master new information, and deliver that information clearly at any level of sophistication. Tiring of courthouses, he found his skills were readily applicable and desperately needed in the blockchain space.

Founder, Communications expert

Co-Founder, has been a seasoned coach, psychotherapist and instructor in communication and management.
He doubled his career as a media expert (film and software producer, then e-marketing manager).

He participated in the development of a few blockchains, for entities such as the Free Republic of Liberland, and worked on decentralized justice systems, tokenization of governance, and of course crypto-currencies.

His work in the MuKn ecosystem is to take care of every aspect related to communications and human issues, both within the company and with customers and partners, for awareness of human-related safety risks are often dramatically underestimated in the blockchain space.

Junior Developer
Junior developer, has already co-authored two notable papers, and contributed to the Racket ecosystem. His previous work on combining types and macros is directly relevant to building our compiler.
Industry Advisor
President and System Architect of Vulcanize, Inc., Rick has in-depth experience in both the technology and the business of blockchain
Industry Advisor
Tech enthusiast and business strategist. Has many years of experience with development of games, AI, robots and space tech, as well as from various positions in startups. 
Academic Advisor
As a faculty at Harvard SEAS, Nada researches advanced aspects of programming languages such as static / dynamic reflection, and programs / processes.
More info about her:
Has over 30 years of experience as a CPA & CFO, focused on startups.
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