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Aaaaah the lovely pressure one feels when they’re close to their goal…

Well, that’s the type of pressure we’re experiencing right now: aside from offering our services, our most treasured project is Glow, our programming language.

And guess what? Our launch schedule will soon be official. The first blockchain to be accessible with Glow will be Cardano, and our partnership has been announced by no-less than Charles Hoskinson himself (also co-founder of Ethereum), in an article on AMB Crypto!

Before a full-on use of Glow, you should be able to tinker with the language before the end of December, on Cardano’s testnet.

At the moment, Glow is operational but jury-rigged, just like the first generation of any new technology. There is still much to do, and six months from now, Glow‘s user-friendliness will be substantially improved, with a web-based user-interface, a clean a straightforward way to compile your programs, and many functionalities that will render DApps smoother and safer.

To get a glimpse of what you’ll discover next week, you can view our live demo of Glow, by our founder, François-René Rideau, that aired on IOHK’s youtube channel yesterday. We’d like to express our warm thanks to Aparna Jue for having us on her show :).

We now have a short period left to prepare everything for you to discover Glow, and we’ll gradually improve it to suit the needs of this promising industry.

Glow will come with its comprehensive documentation, and we hope you’ll like it!

More info about Glow?

Stay tuned !

Gauthier Lamothe

Gauthier Lamothe Co-founder of MuKn

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